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The Irish Goodbye—the Work Version

  Photo by   Raj Rana  on  Unsplash In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I'd like to talk about the Irish Goodbye, a slang term for leaving without saying farewell.  We've probably all experienced it at some point—that moment when you're at a party or a bar and you turn around and say, "Hey, where's so-and-so?" and they're long gone.  Perhaps you've even been the one to do it—and, let's be honest, it can have its merits. On the occasions when you need to catch a train or you're simply overcome by the desire to take off your shoes and sit on your couch in your underpants, fleeing without having to make the rounds can feel like a little gift you give yourself (even if it seems rude and strange to those you left behind). Instead of the social scene, I'd like to focus on those disorienting work times when you've sent an email and gotten a bounce back that made you scratch your head and ask, "Wait, what happened to Dave in Marketing?"