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It's the Final Countdown...

With less than a week to go until I start my new job , some people have asked me if I'm nervous or will miss all this "downtime." The truth is, I'm really excited for this next phase to begin. Yes, there are benefits to waking up at 9 a.m. and having nothing to do but laundry or having the ability watch to four episodes of Orange is the New Black back-to-back because you have nowhere to be and no deadlines to meet. But still, it's time to get back to reality and after seeing how incredibly difficult it is to land an interview, let alone a job, I'm extremely grateful to have this opportunity. Plus, no one over 40 should spend as much time braless as I have these past six months and it'll be great to have a reason to get up early (aside from awaking due to feelings of sheer panic), dress like an adult and be among people who aren't aware of every single company hiring (and not hiring) within the tri-state area. Also, to those friends and family mem

And We're Back ... Sort Of ...

I got a job! Yes, you read that correctly. I. Got. A. Job. Strike up the Hallelujah chorus ! It's hard to believe that the continuous searching and scheming to find clever answers to questions like "If you were a bird, what kind would you be and how would you distinguish yourself from other birds on Pinterest?" might really be coming to an end.  I haven't written anything about this opportunity because it really seemed so perfect for me that I almost didn't want to jinx it. I'll start at the beginning:  On one of my hourly sweeps of the job boards several weeks back I saw a posting for Lifestyle Writer for a mom-centric website on LinkedIn. (At the time, only 32 other people had applied, which is like NO ONE by LinkedIn applicants standards.) So I fired off an email with my resume and crossed my fingers. A week later, I received an email from a human resources representative and we set up a phone interview. She impressed me immediately by answering

Get Out of This House!

On Wednesday, my husband went to Manhattan for a second-round interview for a position he's definitely qualified for and would enjoy. I'm proud of him and cautiously optimistic though I don't want to get my hopes up like I did when I read the email from the HR guy he spoke with last week which began with a hearty "Congratulations!" Not "Congratulations, you're hired!" but rather "Congratulations! You've made it through the first of 17 interviews, which will be followed by a four-hour test. We'll then need to determine if you're a match, should one of our VPs need an organ donation and proceed from there. We'll be in touch!" Still, as happy as I was, he's been home so long and seems so out of practice with things like speaking to adults and wearing anything other than his uniform of cargo shorts and a lime green polo, I couldn't help but fear for him. Seeing him walk out the door alone, showered and dressed up, vent