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Here We Go Again!

Photo by  Zdeněk Macháček  on  Unsplash First things first: Hi! It's been a while. If you've made your way here, chances are you may be at a career crossroads (or you're related to me). Either way, welcome, thank you, and I truly hope you're doing okay in spite of everything 2020 has thrown our way.  For a while back in March, which seems like a whole other millennium, I thought my husband and I might make it through this relatively unscathed work-wise. But if history has taught us anything it's that if you suspect you may lose your job , you probably will.  Still, I mused, what were the odds that my husband could be laid off three times in less than seven years? Turns out, they were pretty damn good.  In the weeks leading up to his most-recent dismissal, my husband had been busier than ever.  I viewed this as a good sign—even as I noticed him bracing for the worst. After meals, I spotted him making lists of monthly expenses while frowning the wa