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How Networking Brought Us Our Unexpected Fairy Tale Ending

My husband just celebrated his six-month anniversary at his new job and since several people have asked me how it's going for him, I thought I'd provide an update. But first, here's a quick recap: After 20 years at the same company he was laid off out of the blue on a Monday in November of 2013. At first, he experienced the feelings of relief and the euphoria that come from shedding the mantle of responsibility and knowing never again will you have to see the manager who sent you confusing and condescending emails for years. But, unfortunately, as months passed, those positive emotions gave way to fear and anxiety as his job search extended well beyond when his generous severance package ended. Thankfully, in March, after networking with just about everyone he'd ever been within 50 feet of, he received a job offer that seemed too good to be true. In fact, it still does. His commute, which was 90 minutes door to door each way (on a good day) has shrunk to just 2

10 Things I’ll Miss When You Go Back to School (Insert Sarcasm Here)

When you work from home 80 percent of the time you have the luxury of enjoying some  really  special benefits, like hanging out in your pajamas until noon, (OK, 3 p.m.), throwing in a load of laundry whenever you feel like it, and eating cake for lunch without it raising any eyebrows.  But when it's summertime and your kids are home, writing a simple coherent sentence seems about as  plausible as building a spaceship.   And, oh, it’s been a long, lazy summer. But with back-to-school season more in your face than Donald Trump, I just want to take a moment to let my feisty brood know what Mama will miss most when they’re finally forced to shower, strap on those backpacks, and get the hell off our chocolate-and-booger encrusted couch.  Rather than pen a heartfelt and oh-so-truthful Dear Boys, we need some time apart … letter, I thought I’d focus on some of the highlights that made up the days we survived shared this summer. Here are the top 10 things I’ll miss when y