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How to Land a Job Without a College Degree

  Baim / Over the past few months I've spoken with several people who've said that, for different reasons, college isn't the right path for their child.  You don't need to be a parent to know that college tuition has become outrageously expensive—to the point that you begin to wonder about return on investment—depending on where you go, what you study, and, most importantly (at least according to my dad) how hard you apply yourself, of course. estimates the average four-year Bachelor's degree debt from a private college at $58,600 and $31,900 from a public institution.  Without going down an economic rabbit hole, being saddled with this expense has a ripple effect . For example, graduates burdened by debt can't afford housing and tend to live with their parents longer (cue my screaming), which, in turn, impacts landlords/real estate agents, home inspectors, etc., etc.   I often joke that the most useful thing I learned in college w

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