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'Are You Exposing Yourself in Stairwells?' (& Other Things I Expect People to Ask My Husband)

                                           Jorge Salvador/unsplash Hi & Happy New Year. (According to Larry David, I can say that until today.) Over the weekend, I called a friend to wish him a happy new year. We've texted a bit over the last few months (mainly about which TV shows we're watching or books we're reading)  but we hadn't spoken in a while.  After a bit, talk turned to jobs. The company where he's worked for years just laid off five percent of its workforce in a rather cruel fashion--calling people down to HR, releasing them, and then asking "non-impacted" employees to box up their desks .  While stories like these strike fear in my heart and dredge up terrible memories, my friend remained pretty calm and said if he's handed a pink slip he wouldn't mind retiring.  I almost blurted, "Retiring? What's that?"  Then he asked how my husband's job was going.  "Where did we leave off?" I asked him wearily. Read

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