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"Throw the Midget in the Deep End" & Other Unnerving Water-Related Phrases

One's employment begins to feel rather tenuous as soon as the higher-ups start ship-talkin'. While that might look like a typo, what I'm referencing is the rampant use of nautical clich├ęs to gently insinuate that your company, or in the case of these metaphors, your ship, may be sinking. As I've mentioned, there have been multiple  lay-offs at my job  recently and while that's never fun, what's even more disconcerting is the way it's been addressed. Several people, independent of each other, have attempted to buoy our spirits by employing all sorts of seafaring jargon, as in: "We're going to right this ship!"  Or, "So-and-so has been chosen to steer us back on course!" And then there's the, "We're embarking on a new direction and hopefully it'll be smooth sailing going forward!" I've heard this lingo before -- at my last job -- and the "new directions" ended up having the same effect as rearrang