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The Side Hustle

Everyone's familiar with the phrase "Don't quit your day job," but in today's economy you probably shouldn't give up any side work you can get either. While I was trying to find a full-time job, I took on several freelance gigs and I've been reluctant to give them up for a couple of reasons: 1) I like being able to feed the kids; and 2) They're interesting.  So to address part 1, while I wouldn't say that I'm exactly suffering from a "Depression Mentality," I'm still not buying over-priced butter  and I continue to view cherry tomatoes and mouthwash as luxury items. Am I permanently scarred or just a little wiser for the whole experience? Only time will tell.   While we definitely took a financial hit during our mutual unemployment, things could've been a lot worse. That said, the whole episode has left me feeling vulnerable -- like it could happen again at any moment  -- so I'm hesitant to pass up any paying opportuni