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14 (FREE) Online College Courses That'll Enhance Your Career Skills

Photo by  Chris Montgomery  on  Unsplash I'm a sucker for a free online course. In fact, during the past two years, I've signed up for dozens. Just this week, I took author Marion Roach Smith's 5 Ways to Become a More Productive Writer webinar. Last week, I watched marketing and publishing experts talk about ways to engage with readers and market books.  One thing I really love about most of the classes is that if you can't attend in real time, the hosts will send you a replay link. So, often I end up watching while I eat lunch or make dinner. (Yes, I am dividing my chilly winter days by meal times now, as in, "It's 90 minutes 'til my afternoon coffee break.") When I received an email from highlighting 14 free online courses  covering key areas like accounting, marketing, analytics, SEO, and more, I thought I'd share the content. (I'm eyeing the  Grammar  & Punctuation one as a refresher since Grammarly loves to tell me I'm u

Tips for Landing a New Job in 2022 (& Freelance Opportunities)

Photo by  Eric Prouzet  on  Unsplash Happy (belated) new year! I'm usually not one to make resolutions but this year, reader, I must. No matter how tempting, 2022 is the year I refuse to duped by the sweater ads that flood my Instagram feed. You know the ones that make you do a double-take and whisper, "Cashmere for $12.99? Why not?" Or, as my hero Ina Garten likes to say, "How bad can it be?" Answer: Bad. Really, really bad. Here's a recent ad that caught my eye and then caused me to waste precious time battling the merchant (Karladress—never heard of them? My advice: Keep it that way) and pleading my case to PayPal to get a refund, which I did because: The ad: Karladress  The reality:  For many, the new year is the perfect time to rethink your career. With that in mind, Bradford Goodwin, Chief Content Strategist at job board Lensa shared his top tips for job seekers in 2022: Decide your location: Remote or in the office “With the pandemic still ongoing,