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Hello from Your Unemployment Poster Girl

It's that time again, friends. Where are all my irony-lovers? Step right up. Have I got a story for you! A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece for The Muse titled  I Have Layoff Anxiety. Here’s How I’m Learning to Cope.   The idea for this story came to me in September when my then-manager sent me an instant message asking, "Hey Liz, got a sec to talk?" leaving me with a sweaty-palmed certainty that my relatively-new gig had come to an abrupt end. After being let go twice, the feeling that you could be dismissed at any moment lingers, making you suspect that every impromptu meeting may be your last.  But it turned out he wasn't terminating me. Instead, he said he and I were moving to a new global team. Knowing that restructuring is often the kiss of death, I took a deep breath and bluffed my way through a chorus of "Wow, that sounds exciting!"  As this group formed, one teammate immediately quit because his new position was quite far afield from what he'd bee