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The LinkedIn Endorsements You Wish Existed

When it comes to LinkedIn endorsements, there are different schools of thought on their value. Some people are delighted when they receive a notification that someone thinks they're great at proofreading and three unrelated skills. Others regard them as a bunch of hooey. I probably fall into the latter category as I've been endorsed twice for speechwriting. Yet, aside from the short lackluster toast I gave at my dad's 70th birthday party, I really have no experience with this. And I don't think the people who endorsed me were at that small affair. While the catalog of endorsement traits is vast and sundry, here are a few I wish existed, because, let's face it, we've all worked with people who've honed these skills to perfection: Oration A testament to those long and loud personal calls, which after 10 minutes begin to take on the fever-pitch of a televangelist Nomadic Tendencies The ability to carry an always-full water bottle and wander from cube