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Good Networkin' Gone Bad ...

So, my husband is still looking for full-time employment. When the job boards failed him, he turned his attention full-throttle toward good ole fashioned networking. In pursuit of finding someone who knows someone who might know someone else, he's reached out to nearly every single person he's ever met--starting with the crossing guard who helped him get to kindergarten safely and ending with the Dunkin' Donuts cashier who just handed him a 99¢ iced coffee. But it hasn't really worked out as he'd hoped. In fact, if anything, I'd say it's sort of backfired. Let me explain. His non-stop emailing and pressing the "Connect" button on LinkedIn has yielded nothing other than hours (days, probably, if properly tallied) of phone calls, which force him to say things, like, "Yeah, man, great to hear your voice," before launching into his saga. In reality, "reconnecting" has depressed him further. It turns out many of the people he