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Transit Etiquette

After years of working from home, I'm pretty new to this whole mass transit thing. Though I'm only commuting once a week, I've definitely noticed some odd coincidences in the mere handful of times I've taken the train to and from Manhattan. Initially, I found idea of traveling to the city slightly thrilling following months of job searching at my dining room table wearing the same thing I'd slept in or worn the day (ok, the entire week) before. So, I embarked on this new venture with enthusiasm. I envisioned myself sitting near the window, watching the pastoral countryside slide past each time I'd glance up from the engrossing novel I'd be reading. But unfortunately it's not quite working out like that. Let's just say I've had some odd distractions. Usually when I take the train my biggest concerns involve my children NOT: 1) tripping the ticket taker, 2) licking the windows (don't ask), 3) contracting head lice while they aggressively

Nine Days In...

So I've been at my new job for nine days now (in case anyone's counting). While I'm certainly thrilled to put the long and frustrating search behind me, I'd be lying if I didn't say the learning curve has been about as perilous as the one that claimed James Dean. Everyone has been lovely and helpful but the bulk of getting started and figuring things out has been through trial and error, which is about as much fun as learning how to drive while blindfolded. It's not just a new content management system (which seems to want to log me out at random intervals, causing me to lose a lot of work) but I've also had to adjust to a whole new style of writing. It's no longer "just the facts." As a matter of fact, (I miss facts, can you tell?) at least half of it involves me writing my opinion on trending topics. In my previous career, even if a mayor sucker punched a baby I'd still put that story together as if I were reporting just what had