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Career Envy

Jealousy -- much like Spandex -- is not a good look.  But ...  when I recently read   The Unspeakable by Meghan Daum as much as I liked it, my enjoyment was marred by deep-seated envy. Her writing in this essay collection belied that easy, conversational style which seems so imitable in theory but proves nearly impossible to replicate in practice. Initially I was simply jealous that she'd put together this offering that read like thoughts stolen right out of my head but articulated in a much more compelling fashion, of course. But what really got me was when a quick Google search revealed what I'd suspected: Ms. Daum and I are practically twins.  We are not even a year apart in age and we were raised in similar towns just 30 minutes away from one another. No wonder we're so alike! Except that she's everything I'm not. She's a published author who probably wouldn't force every member of her family to ooh and ahh at the first gif she ever created -- which