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That Time I Was Disqualified for a Hot Dog Survey

Because being unemployed will make you do strange things (like eat an entire layer cake while watching a Vanderpump Rules marathon), I recently answered an email survey that offered cold hard cash (OK, a check most likely) in exchange for my thoughts on certain food items. Of course, before I got to the taste-testing phase, I had to check off how frequently I purchased the products in question. Wanting to respond honestly as any good consumer should, I admitted that I don't buy instant coffee nor instant rice, even though I knew I might be blowing my chance to make a cool $50 for eating (which I love, see above) foods I didn't have to pay for myself. Unfortunately, my candor limited me to just frozen desserts and hot dogs. I typically don't purchase the latter but my son recently tossed a package into our cart at Trader Joe's after no fewer than five "Please, Mom!!!"s. And because they were being bagged for me by a friendly hipster in a Hawaiian shirt, wh

‘Seeing’ Other People: Enough With the Skype Already

Sensing that my job was in jeopardy last spring, I began applying for new positions hoping to land something before my impending lay off occurred. When a friend sent a link to an opening that seemed perfect, I submitted my resume and received an email from the business owner soon after. Along with the usual pleasantries expressing his interest in chatting further, this entrepreneur wrote something that offended my sensibilities, “What’s your Skype handle?” he wanted to know. Ugh. It’s not that I’m unfamiliar with the online video chat service, but I’d really hoped the rest of the process could be handled over the phone or, if it went that far, in an old-fashioned, face-to-face sit down. Yet I’ve learned that more frequently employers are using this method for the initial screening, not just a late-in-the-game final step in the hiring process. Sure, I understand that this medium is far more convenient than actually going through the motions of locating an office building, introduci