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Knowing When to Drop Out of the Interview Process

In March, we lost singer/songwriter Kenny Rogers. When the country crooner cashed in his chips amid the height of the pandemic, it prompted a few people to note that "The Gambler" really did know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. I recently found myself confronted with a situation that made me ponder the fine art of knowing when to bow out. It began when I was contacted via LinkedIn by a guy from a startup looking to fill a writer/editor/public relations role.  Initially, it sounded appealing.  (Subtext: When the monthly cost of healthcare coverage for a family of five is more than the average U.S. mortgage payment, you can convince yourself that almost anything sounds good.) And, with many of my other  gigs drying up , I agreed to an informal chat.  This casual conversation felt more like a grilling as the interviewer asked dozens of questions about my background (the answers to most of these were evident from my LinkedIn profile, but "whate