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The Ups & Downs of the Writerly Life

Photo by  Markus Winkler  on  Unsplash Hope everyone is well and has had a good summer. I'd say "great," but if you've found this blog, chances are you're at a career crossroads and I know how unsettling that can be. If that's your situation, I'm both glad and sorry you're here. Speaking of forks in the career road, I've recently been comparing my lifelong dream of becoming an author with the reality of it and wondering if maybe it isn't time to retire my laptop and apply for a gig at a garden center where I could water shrubs, daydream about these chocolate sea salt caramels , and preserve what's left of my peace of mind.  How did I arrive here? Writing can be a lonely endeavor, and much like any other profession, it's hard not to compare yourself to your peers, especially ones who seem to be enjoying loads more success. (In my case, it's those authors whose novels make every "must-read" list and are quickly optioned by H