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13 Questions to Ask During Your Pandemic Job Interview

Landing a job interview can feel like a feat in itself. One of the parts I enjoy least about the process is the old, "So, what questions do you have for ME?" portion that typically comes at the end. When I was in the thick of interviewing back in 2014 and burned out from in-person meetings that went nowhere, I came up with a few choice questions I wanted to ask. But mainly, I found myself f ighting the temptation to say, "Nah, man, I'm good!" — especially when it came to the jobs that didn't really seem like a great fit. During the past year when I interviewed via Zoom, my top questions shifted toward:  "Can you move your laptop closer to your bookshelves? Is that A Gentleman in Moscow?  I want to read that!" "Where'd your cat go?" "Are we cool if I start a Slack channel devoted to  Real Housewives'  discourse?" and  "How many more hoops will you make me jump through before you tell me you've decided to go wit