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And Then It Call Came Together

So, I finally have a few pieces of good news to share. No. 1 my husband has accepted a job offer -- a good one -- for a position that will utilize his skills and not require him to wear our son's clown costume -- a fate that was looking like more and more of a reality as the months passed. How did he get this gig, you ask? Remember when I said he was connecting with just about everyone he'd ever been in the same room with? Well, a LinkedIn connection put him in touch with a guy who put him touch with the HR department and after a merciful two interviews and a 4-hour writing test, he received the call that has pulled us back from the brink of despair. It didn't come a moment too soon as my face has become so furrowed and jowly from worrying, I'm beginning to resemble a damn shar-pei (OK, wow, I just had to look up that spelling -- not what I was expecting!) Also tough to stomach were the strange looks from people who love to ask, “How’s your husband?!?!?” with the