Tips for Landing a New Job in 2022 (& Freelance Opportunities)

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Happy (belated) new year! I'm usually not one to make resolutions but this year, reader, I must. No matter how tempting, 2022 is the year I refuse to duped by the sweater ads that flood my Instagram feed. You know the ones that make you do a double-take and whisper, "Cashmere for $12.99? Why not?" Or, as my hero Ina Garten likes to say, "How bad can it be?" Answer: Bad. Really, really bad.

Here's a recent ad that caught my eye and then caused me to waste precious time battling the merchant (Karladress—never heard of them? My advice: Keep it that way) and pleading my case to PayPal to get a refund, which I did because:

The ad:


The reality: 

For many, the new year is the perfect time to rethink your career. With that in mind,
Bradford Goodwin, Chief Content Strategist at job board Lensa shared his top tips for job seekers in 2022:

Decide your location: Remote or in the office

“With the pandemic still ongoing, more remote roles are available than ever before. For 2022, many candidates will have to choose their preference; fully remote, office-based, or a hybrid of the two. Introverts may find working fully remotely suits them best. For those who enjoy face-to-face time but not the commute, a hybrid job is the best of both worlds. If you struggle with self-motivation, being in an office environment could be beneficial for you. Of course, these qualities aren’t exhaustive, so you’re best making a list of pros and cons.”

“When job seeking, you’ll need to take into account how the potential employer treats remote workers. Do you have access to all the equipment you need to work productively from home? Are there regular virtual socials and opportunities to chat outside of work? You’ll also want to know how the company measures performance. If some workers are hybrid and others fully remote, you want to ensure everyone has access to the same career advancement opportunities.”

Revamp your resume

“Even in 2022, a well-crafted, customized resume is the best way to stand out. You should always keep it fresh and relevant to the job you’re applying for. Emphasize any technical skills you have that are important for the role, as well as soft skills. You can also supplement your resume with other materials, such as a video or portfolio to showcase your skills.”

Other quick ways to freshen up your resume include:
  • Cut out the boilerplate - “I am a hard-working individual who wants to work in X industry” - takes up valuable real estate in your resume and says nothing about you.

  • Unless you’re a recent graduate, move your education below your employment experience.

  • Go over any acronyms and write out the full title - this will help applicant tracking systems pick it up.

  • Swap out generic, overused adjectives like “detail-oriented” for more specific language that has your authentic voice.

  • Make your resume skimmable by breaking it into sections.


“The pandemic has undoubtedly made networking more difficult, but if you’re serious about seeking out new opportunities, it is such a valuable way to spend your time. First, do an audit to identify gaps in your network. Write down who you’re in touch with, and uncover how long it has been since you spoke to them. Make an effort to reach out to 3-5 people and offer support, and you’ll be rewarded.” 

“Remember, when networking, no one wants to listen to your life story. So, prepare your elevator pitch - a succinct few words about what you do and the value. But, don’t over-rehearse it. Any networking should always be like a normal conversation!”

“At a networking event or online, focus on quality over quantity. Aim to have five good conversations - you don’t have to ‘work the room’ for it to be successful. Finally, remember that networking is all about relationships, not introductions! Send a Linkedin request and make sure to invest in staying connected after the initial meeting.”

Make your job search more efficient

“A great first step when searching for a new job online is to make a list of all the keywords relevant to your field: skills, certifications and tools. This will save time by filtering out anything that isn’t relevant to you. If there is a specific company that you are really interested in working for, reach out to the hiring manager, or dig into your network to see if you have any connections in common.  Finally, know where to search. Whilst some boards have a gazillion job listings, you’ll want to look somewhere where your search can be tailored to suit you.”

Ready to put that advice to the test? I received an email this week from Darlene Liebman, founder of Creative Humans, who asked that I share these opportunities:

A fast growing Bicoastal agency who is looking to staff up an exciting new project with some new long term freelancers.  One of their new clients is a new large streaming platform and they need some new smart help with help bringing to market.

The client is a cool agency, with clients such as: Netflix, NBC, Warner Media, Talkspace, Mirror, Sesame Workshop, Viacom.

All the positions start ASAP; Roles are for 6 month (with the possibility of FT)
Location: NYC Based, but remote work is accepted

Freelance Project Managers
Freelance Senior Producers
Freelance Creative Producers
Freelance Senior Copywriters
Freelance Designer / Animators

Any one interested in any of these roles should email a resume to

Wishing you all the best in 2022!


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