Is It Time to Hit the Restart Button On Your Career?

As I mentioned in my last post, sometimes you can meet some real losers through the Internet. (I'm sure this comes as no revelation to anyone who's tried online dating.) But, on the flip side, every once in a while an interesting opportunity arrives in your inbox via cyberspace.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the assistant to Kristin Hiemstra, M.Ed, ELI-MP, founder and president of The Art of Potentialabout participating in an upcoming Career Seekers Summit she's hosting.

Much like when Elise Runde Voss, chief executive officer of UpScored called me a "thought leader" and asked me to write about the game-changing career platform she'd developed, I once again experienced a looking-over-each-shoulder "Who, me?" moment. 

Of course, I enjoy writing career features for The Muse and hope that some of the hard-won wisdom I've acquired after losing two jobs within four years helps others. Yet, especially after pondering that "losing two jobs within four years," I had to ask myself, "Am I qualified to dispense career advice to anyone other than my cat?" 

Now you're probably nodding in agreement and thinking, "Liz, wasn't it just two weeks ago that you were complaining you couldn't even get rodeo clowns to return your calls? And aren't you currently being paid in wine for one of your gigs? What could you possibly have to share?" 

Well, yes, and yes, but just listen. Because I'm a sucker for flattery, I responded to Kristin's assistant as I was eager to learn more about this summit. She set up a call with Kristin and it went really well. Together, we decided my expertise fell squarely in the "staying positive during a job search" category. 

In prepping for the video segment we recorded, I realized I had learned several things in the past four years. Topping the list would be the importance of acceptance and the power of resilience. In other words, so much is beyond your control, but how you react to it is well within your grasp. 

Kristin and I also talked about how unemployment gives you plenty of perspective (you can also thank it for gray hair and insomnia), and I shared some ways to keep your spirits up while job hunting. 

(I didn't mention always keeping some form of beer or wine chilling in your fridge's crisper, but that's key as well. )

At the end of our initial call, Kristin asked me if I knew any career experts who'd be interested in being featured among a group of relatable and talented career coaches and I was thrilled to recommend the always-delightful Susan RoAne, who not only lights up a room, but also knows how to work one. The self-proclaimed "Mingling Maven" shares her insightful and inspiring networking strategies as part of the summit, which will be free for 24 hours during the week of July 16-20.

If you could benefit from a bit of advice when it comes to everything from polishing up your LinkedIn profile and attracting recruiters to setting yourself apart during the interview process and negotiating the salary you deserve, check it out.

As we're spreading the word about the summit, we were sent promotional graphics to share. This is the one that pretty much sums up my career until about a year ago. 

 But this one reminds me of my niece, so please enjoy both.

If find yourself longing for a career change (or on vacation during a rainy day wanting to hide out from family or friends), please visit  Career Seekers Summit. 

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