This Week's Breadwinner

I'd like to give a shout out to our family's breadwinner this week: our 8 year old, who, as president, founder and chief dog walker at "Ruff With Me," earned a cool $100 by caring for our neighbors' Shih Tzu.

It's a comfort to know we can count on his entrepreneurial spirit as my husband and I enter months five and three, respectively, without employment.

Another reason we're grateful our boy has this periodic gig is that in case things turn really dire, we can always "borrow" some of Oreo's food. If I hadn't seen it for myself, I would've supposed only Emeril's hound was served such a bounty. Like most dog owners, our neighbor believes nothing is too good for her pooch and, as such, this friendly furball feasts on a lovingly-rendered mixture of kibble and vegetables topped with a blend of shredded cheeses, moistened with a splash of chicken broth.

Now the kibble he can keep but if things continue down this path, I've already imagined how I'll toss the dog's leash down the basement stairs and then send my son to fetch it while I whisper, "I'm sorry, Oreo, but the Kraft three-cheese Mexican blend is comin' home with Mama."

While we haven't hit the "I'll-just-break-into-my parents'-house-and-steal-my-brother's-Star-Wars-Pez-dispenser-collection-to-sell-on-eBay" phase just yet, (mainly 'cause we're holding out for Chewbacca to cross the $5 threshold) things are definitely tense and that's even with me ignoring the fact that sometimes it sounds like my ancient refrigerator is urinating on the kitchen floor.

After being rejected for a full-time job earlier this week, I've resolved to double down in my efforts starting Monday. It's tough out there, despite what you might read. Plus, we're heading into full-blown intern-hiring season. And I cannot be a 43-year-old intern. (Wait, can I?)


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